* Legal Notices

TÜV part certificate

All of DTE system commissioned TÜV parts certificate have been issued by recognized auditing organizations that are accredited by the Federal motor vehicle. Accordingly, all TÜV certificates from DTE tuning products are complete valid in Germany and Austria, and will be accepted by any recognized testing center.

Please see in our shop about the Notice "TÜV available "Ja"" is available! If a part certificate is displayed as unavailable, so please ask us for it.

Registration requirement in the car documents

Without implementation of the modification acceptance inspection by TÜV or a similar testing authority and entered in the papers of the installation means loosing  the general operating the whole car. As well then there is no insurance coverage. Please ask us, if you have any questions about.

Impact of chip tuning to guarantee and warranty

Each performance increase can affect the statutory warranty claims against the seller or to the warranty claims against the manufacturer.

impact to the automobile insurance

Each performance increase can affect the insurance coverage of your car. Please ask your car insurance about.
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