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SuperPro Suspension Parts

SuperPro Suspentsion PartsThe SuperPro products are high performance suspension parts from the Australian company Fulcrum Suspensions. SuperPro suspension parts replace the original rubber bearings, which are used eg in/on control arms, strut bars, sway bars, etc.

The "rubber component" of the SuperPro suspension parts are made of polyurethane material. They offer a much longer life time as the original one and improves the ride and handling in curves. SuperPro suspension parts can be used both in series based as well as in racing cars.

The price from the SuperPro suspension parts are in the most times cheaper than bearings from other ventors (such as original equipment manufacturers).

SuperPro Suspentsion Parts

SuperPro suspension parts are successful used in offroad, in raceing-, rally-, drift-, and tuningcars.

SuperPro suspension parts offer the following features:SuperPro Guarantee
  • More precise steering response
  • Better handling
  • Better traction
  • Longelife
  • Reduced tire wear
  • No increased suspension noise
  • 3 years / 60.000km warranty

SuperPro suspension parts are constantly tested under extreme conditions, both in test- and in racingcars.

The SuperPro polyurethane suspension parts typically contain the following items:
  • Polyurethane bearingsSuperPro Suspentsion Parts
  • Metal core
  • Reinforcement rings (*)
  • Grease (*)
  • Product Description & Notes (*)
(*) depending on need

SuperPro suspension parts are successfully applied e.g. in the following racing series:
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