About MaxRPM

The roots of the company MaxRPM date back to 1998. Starting with "Polo & G-Laderseite" the later G-Laderseite.de quickly become one of the first places in the German internet about G-Lader (G-Supercharger).

Gradually, the G-Laderseite.de has been expanded by a lot of information around the topic G-Lader and as well we installed a forum (http://www.g-laderseite.de/forum). With ca. 130.000 postings and more than 3.100 registered users, the forum is one of the biggest german speaking Forum around VW tuning and G-Supercharger (G-Lader). Registration of the company. Making a simple HTML- and forms -based online shop with about 20 products around the G-Lader.

Complete release of a German and English speaking online shops based on osCommerce with cart and MySQL database. The shop has been extended to functions again and again in the following years. In the online shop now are some hundred parts available.

5th anniversary of the company.

10th anniversary of the company From scratch reorganization of the company. The old now inadequate online shop on G-Laderseite.de changes to a highly advanced online store with inventory management system, warehousing, inventory display, powerful search, which is available on the new Domain www.MaxRPM.de. The new online shop based on JTL.

Movement from the online shop to a own managed virtual server. The hosting is carried out in a data center.

Registration of the company MaxRPM e.K. in the commercial register.

15th anniversary of the company. Movement from the company to a new location. With a total of over 20.000 articles now we hold in our warehouses more than 3.200 different products with a number of more than 8,000 parts in stock. We provide our (since 2011) more than 7.200 customers in 85 different countries across the globe with tuning parts.

15 years growing with many interesting customer contacts are behind us and we hope that there are another 15 exciting years ahead of us. We are looking forward to them!

Updating our online shop and inventory management to current versions. Our new online shop is now responsive - so it is now displayed regardless of the resolution and the used device. In addition, we now offer a powerful search engine.

Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.Pack table from MaxRPM e.K.Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.Warehouse from MaxRPM e.K.