Beige vs. gray sealing stripes

Difference between the beige and the gray seal strips

The G40 & G60-Supercharger ("G-Lader") where build with two different sealing stripes. Here you can find the differences between them:

Gray seal strips:
*   Uses up to 1993
+ Good sliding properties
+ Continuous use temperatures up to 150°C
- Tougher than the beige sealing strips, thus slightly higher wear of the bearing surfaces (where the sealing strips rub)

Beige seal strips:
*   Uses since 1993
+ Lower coefficient of friction
+ Wide operating temperature range up to +280°C
+ Softer, resulting in reduced wear on the running surfaces (where the sealing strips rub)
- Slightly faster wear

Both sealing stripes, you can find here in our onlineshop.
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