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DTE Systems Tuningbox - Available at MaxRPM

Tuning boxes with multi-map technology

Made in Germany!

DTE Systems Tuningbox - Available at MaxRPM Easy to handle as it can only be through a tuning box, but as individual as a change of the original ECU software. This is, what the tuning boxes from DTE Systems with multi-map technology provide. It ensures maximum performance with minimal strain.

Tuning multi-map technology means that 4-8 maps are stored in the memory and can recalled optimized matching to the desired driving behavior. This gives an optimal tuning of the control parameters in each performance range.

DTE Systems Tuningbox - Available at MaxRPMThe DTE tuning box can build in - even without a specific car knowledge - with a adapter cable within a few minutes and is ready to use.

Another highlight is the ability of the tuning box, to learn the unique characteristics from your car. During a short break-in, the tuning box detects the individual data of the different injection cycles and analyze them. The information thus collected are the basis for the optimization. Therefore the series tolerances can compensate and will reach a best result for each car. And that without any complicated manually settings.

Of course, by the tuning boxes you can observe the legal and for the car prescribed emissions. DTE Systems Tuningbox - Available at MaxRPMDue to the in all areas optimized combustion, the fuel will 100% efficiently used. Smoke and soot is now history. The compliance from the emission values is confirmed by TÜV-certificate.

The most tuning sets are include a TÜV parts certificate. Thus, it is easy to register the tuning boxes. These checks take only a few minutes and can be made e.g. by TÜV or DEKRA.

Do you have problems with the installation? No problem. Contact us to arrange an installation appointment directly with us.

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