We offer various services around the G-Lader. All services can be ordered directly from us. If you have any questions or concerns about this, you can write us an e-mail ( ) or use our contact form (link) .

G-Lader service

Complete G-Lader / G-Supercharger service (G40/G60)

Price: 450,- EUR

With our G-Supercharger service, we make the following tasks:
  • Visual inspection of your G-Supercharger
  • Replacement of all sealing strips
  • Replacement of all bearings (also including the lateral displaceer bearing)
  • Replacement of all seals rings
  • Replacing the thothed belt
  • Grease your G-Supercharger
The overhaul will max. take up to two weeks.

On request, we can optimize your G-Lader mechanically. The additional costs for this optimizing is 90, - EUR.

The procedure is the following:
  1. You inform us of your desire to maintain your G-Supercharger.
  2. We will confirm your order and let you know our address and all details for payment.
  3. Once your G-Lader has arrived us, we will notify you by email.
  4. If we find and damage on your G-Supercharger during the visual inspection, we will inform you directly via email about and will stop our service work until we have discussed the way forward together.
  5. After the service, we will send your G-Supercharger back to you.

Extend the air inlet for the G-Lader

Extend the air inlet for the G60-Lader up to 70mm

Price: 249,- EUR

Here we offer extenting the air inlet for the G60-Lader up to 70mm.

Opening the bypass channels

Opening the bypass channels at both housing halves (G40- & G60-Lader)

Price: 199,- EUR

Opening and optimum processing of the auxiliary air duct of both housing halves on the G40 or G60 loader.

This processing results in a charge pressure increase of approximately 0.1 bar.

All prices include VAT.
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