57S Performance Airbox

The best air filter in the world

The 57S air box containing a washable and reusable oversized conical K & N High Flow Filter.

Complete air box system

Replaces the original air box with an air filter box made of precision injection molding of plastic to reduce intake noise and calm the air. The 57S air box consists of a detachable lid for maintenance and a specially developed high performance hopper soothe and smooth the intake air.

Guaranteed performance

Development has been specifically set to a value of aerodynamic design to increase airflow and reduce turbulence. This Luftfilteransaugsystem increases the performance over a K & N cartridge filter is three-fold. More power in a typical 4-cylinder engine is between 4 and 7 hp. We have tested the engines showed a power increase of 11 hp

Easy to install

Depending on the vehicle designed specifically

so that original fixation points are used. No adaptation necessary.

K&N granted a 1.6 million kilometer warranty

The whole air filter box was developed in order to stay in your vehicle for life.

TÜV approved

The 57S air box is supplied with TÜV parts certificate. 57S filter boxes are available only in conjunction with a regular standard exhaust system and only for vehicles with manual transmission allowed.

Maintenance of the filter

The K&N air filter in the airbox performance must be serviced only once every 80.000km. (Under normal driving conditions)

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