57i Performance Kit

Almost nothing else can bring so much performance for so little money, like a K & N 57i Performance Kit. This kit replaces the original air box and significantly reduces the air resistance in the intake system.

A look under the bonnet of modern cars with fuel injection is enough to realize that the air supply is hampered by unnecessary angles and distances. However, just needed air induction and a filter of the air to pass through without much resistance. The success of the 57i kit is in development. Using special equipment, the air flow is measured and determined from this data, the correct filter size. Dynamometer tests ermittel then not only yield the best performance, but also value torque curve, the response and the economy is down.

  • All 57i kits are designed for the life of your car
  • The kit includes all necessary screws and brackets
  • Some new air intake pipe or hose
  • A cold air system, if it is needed is for most standard 57i kits
  • Includes washable and reusable K & N Baumwolluftfiltern
  • Limited 1.6 million km warranty

All necessary parts such as for example Screws, brackets, support and shock - if necessary - including a new larger capacity suction hose and fitting instructions are included


The cold air supply system brings in conjunction with a K & N filter (57i kit) is an optimal result: the biggest increase in performance


For better shield the filter from the hot engine compartment air is the 57i Generation II kits. These kits include a new, much larger in diameter intake hose, specially adapted for each type of vehicle engine heat shield, K & N filter and the necessary mounting hardware.

TÜV parts certificate according to § 19: Some 57i kits are available with TÜV parts certificate. In the product indicates which kits are supplied with TÜV approval. Conditions MOT: For vehicles are not equipped already with a sound insulation mat under the hood, it must be upgraded. The mat has dimensions of 100 x 50cm and the Order RX-9999

57i kits are permitted only in conjunction with a regular series exhaust system.

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