K&N airfilter

K&N air filter

We offer here the nearly complete program of K&N Air Filter and complete K&N air filter systems:

K&N Replacement Air Filter K&N Replacement Air Filter:
For almost every car we offer K&N Air Filter. The K&N Replacement Air Filters can be easily replaced with your old air filter. They are characterized by a higher air flow and therefore also by an increased performance. Due to the high lifetime and a warranty of 1.600.000km, they keep as long as your car life.

K&N 57i Performance Kit K&N 57i Performance Kits:
The K&N 57i performance kits replace the original air filter box and can therefore reduce the air resistance in the air intake significantly. The result is a measurable increased performance. Of course the included K&N air filter is ashable and reusable.

K&N 57i Performance Kits, Gerneration II K&N 57i Performance Kits, Gerneration II:
The Generation II 57i kits are another breakthrough in the development of air intake technology. They replaces the complete air filter system including the air intake of the series parts. The kit comes in part from the engine by means of additional heat shields completely shielded. You can reach a air flow from up to 26%

K&N 57S Performance Airbox K&N 57S Performance Airbox:
The K&N 57S Performance Airbox kits are a further development of the 57i kit. This system increases the power, torque and acceleration by reducing the air resistance. The K&N 57S filter system replaces the original air intake by an improved design. The K&N 57S system uses a fully enclosed airbox with easy detachable cover for cleaning and maintaining the filter. It achieves a typical performance improvement between 4-11 HP.

K&N Apollo Intake Kit K&N Apollo Intake Kit:
Designed for racing! The K&N 57S Apollo Intake Kit uses a high air flow with a great look.

K&N Typhoon Kit K&N Typhoon Kit:
The Typhoon Air Intake System provides through its one-piece extruded aluminum intake manifold for a virtually unlimited airflow. More and especially colder air is supplied to the engine and thereby increasing the performance. The Typhoon Air Intake System replaces the restrictive, original air filter system together with the airbox, intake pipes and the filter element.
K&N Typhoon Kit - Cold Air Intake K&N Typhoon Kit - Complete Cold Air Intake K&N Typhoon Kit - Short RAM

K&N Reinigungsets & Filteröle K&N Reinigungsets & Filteröle:
K&N air filter cleaner are the only one who can clean any dirty K&N 57S filter. Especially for K&N cotton filter oil filter developed with very long service life. It colors the cotton in a slightly reddish, so that you can easy see the not wetted spots.
57S Performance Airbox

The best air filter in the world The 57S air box...

Apollo Intake Kit

Combines high air flow with a great look. Composable for almost...

Cleaner & filteroil

air purifier filter K&N air filter cleaner is the only one...

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