57i Perform. Kit, Gen. II

Generation II Kit - tuning kits for injection

The Generation II Performance Kit is there another ground-breaking development in the air intake technology. Generation II kits replace the entire air filter system, including the standard regular air induction. The kit comes in part from the engine by means of additional heat shields completely shielded.


  • Practically unlimited airflow for increased performance
  • Improved throttle response
  • Better acceleration, immediate increase in engine power
  • Designed for specific engine types
  • Replaces conventional air filter housing with K & N air filter elements with a high air flow and the associated components
  • Corresponds to the California standards for air pollution control
  • Maximize performance - more power
  • Additional value through washable and reusable K & N filter
  • Environmentally-friendly washable and reusable
  • Exclusive K & N's warranty for 10 years or 1 million miles
  • Special
  • engine heat shield, thus allowing more cold, oxygen-rich air is sucked
  • Peak power filter
  • Yourself kit for installation in just one hour to replace your air filter box
  • Special hose, whose heat-resistant materials keep the air in the tube cooler than metal pipes
  • Better airflow angle
  • Convenient mounting by screw
  • Refractory materials
  • Kit includes engine compartment shielding, large-volume, especially abgstimmtem on the vehicle type hose, K & N filter, mounting hardware
  • assembly within an hour

Really remarkable about the FIPK kits of the 2nd Generation is that they conjure up even at different atmospheric conditions always this incredible horsepower. It brought the Jeep Grand Cherokee under natural conditions of repeated testing on an additional power of 26.3 hp at the rear wheels.

dynamometer tests on the rear axle of a 95er Camaro showed the unique increase performance by 19 horsepower. The plenum chamber was designed so that the air flow by more than 40% increase is. It is made of sturdy and heat-CL 100 cross-link plastic, the durability and ensures an attractive appearance.

The gain in horsepower is not the only outstanding aspect of this new kit. In dynamometer tests, for all speed ranges, a torque increase of no less determined than 31.18 Nm.

TÜV parts certificate according to § 19: Some Performance Generation II kits are supplied with TÜV parts certificate. In the product details, these kits are shown. Conditions MOT: For vehicles are not equipped already with a sound insulation mat under the hood, it must be upgraded. The mat has dimensions of 100 x 50cm and the Order RX-9999

Generation II Performance Kits are allowed only in conjunction with a regular series exhaust system.

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