Typhoon Kits

Combines high air flow with a great look. Composable for almost all vehicles.

optimal performance and optics combined

The Typhoon Air Intake System provides through its one-piece extruded aluminum intake from 6061 for a virtually unlimited airflow. More and especially colder air is supplied to the engine, thereby increasing performance. The Typhoon Air Intake System replaces the restrictive, original air filter system along with the airbox, intake pipes and the filter element. By using the most advanced air flow - K & N technology has the characteristics of the Typhoon Air Intake Systems optimized so that it works well with the K & N air filter. average achieved a performance increase of 5-15 horsepower.

Typhoon Air Intake Systems are available for many sports cars. Available in three colors: red, blue or polished aluminum. All Typhoon Air Intake Systems incorporate a washable, conical K & N air filter of course the legendary 1.6 million km warranty. Features

Typhoon Intake features

  • All CCA Systems can be rebuilt as a SR system
  • All systems are original to the breakpoints of the vehicle manufacturer installed
  • Detailed installation instructions included
  • Many kits include X-Stream air filter
  • CA kits include a polyester protective cover for the filter
  • 1.6 million km warranty
  • Precision manufactured parts for accurate mounting
  • More than 35 years experience in the development
  • Ca. 5-15 hp more power
  • Powder Coating: anodized red or blue
  • Also available in polished aluminum
  • Typhoon Intake components

Special designed stainless steel hose clamps ensure a flawless finish and a very firm attachment of the pipes, adapters or connection tubes

K & N's washable X-Stream air filter is used in most applications to achieve the highest possible air flow. Precision machined from 6061 aluminum CNC adapter ensure that the data of the air mass eater are not distorted. Powder-coated steel brackets are used in applications where high engine speeds can cause excessive vibration at the intake system. Special reinforced silicone hose adapter from Dupont Nomex (4 layers) ensure a high protection against vibration, temperatures, and tensile strengths.

TÜV parts certificate according to § 19: Some Typhoon kits are supplied with TÜV parts certificate. On the product details pages, these kits are shown. Conditions MOT: For vehicles are not equipped already with a sound insulation mat under the hood, it must be upgraded. The mat has dimensions of 100 x 50cm and the Order RX-9999. Typhoon kits are permitted only in conjunction with a regular series exhaust system.

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