DTE Systems PedalBox - Available at MaxRPM

Accelerator-tuning in a new dimension

Made in Germany!

"Accelerator tuning" - magic or spinning? We guarantee that you will be delighted with the PedalBox! If you don't like it in the first two weeks, you will get back your money.

What is the PedalBox?

DTE Systems PedalBox - Available at MaxRPMShe was was developed to improve the response in modern cars. The PedalBox is a plug and play device that simply must plugs into the electronic accelerator pedal. The four fixed levels gives you the option to choose every time the right response of the accelerator pedal. Each power level is also provided additionally with six individualization stages.

The following levels are programmed:
  • SPORT Plus: A sporty driver we recommend the SPORT Plus mode. This mode provides reduced reaction time and more dynamic. There are no more delay moments. The reaction starts directly with the signal and provides an optimal gas consumption in the whole speed range.
  • SPORT: In the SPORT mode the throttle response is slightly increased. SPORT enhances the throttle response by up to 16% and is therefore good for most situations.
  • ECO: The ECO mode is appropriate in stop-and-go city driving. It ensures an improved draft in the low speed range and throttle response is programmed to the economical usage.
  • OFF: For driving on extremely slippery road surfaces, e.g. on ice, snow or heavy rain, we recommended the OFF mode.
DTE Systems PedalBox - Available at MaxRPM The PedalBox will not only maximize the driving pleasure by improving acceleration and balance of turbo holes and weaknesses acceleration from your car, but has the "Eco Mode" also focus on the optimization of fuel consumption.

With the control unit can be switched easily between the various Modies.

Because that the PedalBox is not a not a performance enhancement or design change, you can drive it legal on public streets.
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Each car has, with regard to the pedal control, different...

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