SuperPro Suspension Parts

SuperPro suspension partsWe currently offer mora than 460 high performance suspension parts for your VW from SuperPro.

Likewise for the VW Polo 2(F) we offer suspension parts from our own production.

When you have a question about the SuperPro or our own suspension parts, please let us know your question and your vehicle model and year. We will answer you while a short time.

You can reach us via eMail (info@MaxRPM.de or contact form.

SuperPro suspension parts
Caddy MK1


Caddy MK3

(From 2003)


(From 2006)

Golf 1, Typ 17

(Bj. 1974-1990 / ink. Carbio)

Golf MK2, Typ 19E

(Typ 1G1 seit '89, 1983-1992 / Front wheel drive)

Golf MK3, Typ 1H

(1991-1998 / Front wheel drive)

Golf MK4, Typ 1J

(1997-2003/ Front wheel drive)

Golf MK4, Typ 1J, R32

(9/1999-2004 / Nur R32 4-Wheel)

Golf MK5, Typ 1K

(2005-2008 / Front wheel drive, 4 Motion, incl. R32)

Golf MK6, Typ 5K

(From 2008 / Front wheel drive, 4 Motion incl. R32)

Golf MK7, Typ 5G

VW Golf 7 (Frontantrieb, Allrad, 4 Motion inkl. GTI & R

Jetta MK1

(1974-1985 / equal to Golf MK1 chassis)

Jetta MK2

(1985-1992 / equal to Golf MK2 chassis)

New Beetle

(From 1998 / equal to Golf MK4 chassis)

Passat B6, Typ 3C

(2006-2010, incl. Syncro)

Polo 4, Typ 9N

From 2001

Polo MK3, Typ 6N





(From 2003)

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