Using this form, you can quickly and easily contact us. We will answer you usually within a short time. You can write to us in German, English and likewise in Russian. If you prefer, you can write directly an email ( to us.

Please also read our answers to some frequently asked questions below the form.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my order?

When we have an item in stock, the number of items in stock is displayed on the right of the product picture. The inventory is constantly updated. The items, wich we have in stock will be shipped at the next business day. This means that after 1-2 business days the parts arrive to you within Germany. When the parts are not in stock, the delivery time is specified individually in each case with the articles. More infos about the delivery times you can find here:

Is the part available directly on stock?

When we have an part on stock, the number of parts on stock is displayed to the right of the product picture. The inventory is constantly updated. For parts, that we do not have on stock, the delivery time is indicated.

Do I get a tracking code?

Yes, after shipping from your order, we will send you a shipping confirmation with a tracking link. Please take note that the tracking first work after 2-3 hours.

What should I do if my order does not arrive within the delivery time?

Please take note that the delivery time indicates the pure business days. Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays are not included. At seasonal times (such as just before Easter, Christmas or "between the days") the shipping likewise can take a little longer than normal. But you can be sure that your order arrives you. If you do have a "bad feeling", so please write us with your order number (start with "AU" on).

My order arrived broken?

If the outer packing is broken, please inform directly the delivery service/staff. They will indicated the damage. When there are parts inside the packing damaged, please contact us via eMail ( or the contact form. If possible, please also send us a photo on which we can see the damage. We will strive to provide a quick replacement.