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On the sites Infos and FAQ we have already shown a lot of informations about the SuperPro suspension parts. Here are now a few tips how you can choose the right suspension part for your car.

When selecting the SuperPro suspension parts you have the following choices:


Many bearings (for example engine mounts, control arm bearing, ...) we offer in the following versions:
- 70K & 80K: Recommend for road and sports cars
- 90K: Recommend for engine tuned as well as racing car

The different degrees of hardness ("shore") can be found in the product description given in square brackets (eg "wishbone (Interior, Rear Kit) [80K]").

Eccentric adjustment

Various bearings for control arms we offer with a eccentric adjustment at one or at both sides. With the eccentric adjustment you the possibility to set the camber and/or caster (depending on the bearing). The versions with a a single eccentric adjustment is for cars with have a tendency to move permanently to one side.


The suspension kits with Anti-Lift-Technology changes the geometry of the front-chassis. Moving the lower wishbone will effect a +0.5 ° camber. The result is a reduction of rocking the car body, a lower immension from the body while braking and a lower immension while accerlation (only if you car has a rear-wheel drive). The result is a much higher grip and roadholding.

Explanation of article pages

The article pages include some important information such as, suitable vehicle for which the parts are, what year, axis, etc.

SuperPro High Performance Suspension Parts

Du you have still any questions?

If you have any questions, please write us via eMail info@MaxRPM.de) or via contact form. We will advise you and help you to choose the right suspension parts.
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