In our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) we collect questions and answers which occur often.

Common questions

Question: Do you ship worldwide

Answer: Yes, of course - we ship to all countries on our planet. On the side shipping costs you can find the shipping costs to your country. At the buttom of this side, you can see a overview about this countries, where we have delivered parts.

Product specific questions

Question: With higher RPM's, there is a boost pressure loss by my GFB DV+

Answer: the diverter valve doesn't know (or care) what the engine RPM is. Conditions at the face of the closed piston is static pressure, not airflow. So higher engine RPM and airflow has no effect on the forces acting on the piston; only boost pressure affects this.

Question: Where is the different between the beige and grey apex stripes?

Grey apex stripes:
   * Used until year 1993
   + Good friction / slip properties
   + Continuous operating temperatures up to 150 ° C
   - Harder than the beige apex strips, thereby slightly higher wear of the tread (on which the sealing strips rub)

Beige apex stripes:
   * Used from year 1993
   + Lower coefficient of sliding friction
   + Wide operating temperature range up to 280 ° C
   + Soft, with less wear of the tread (on which the sealing strips rub)
   - Slightly faster wear